Silicon Valley HQ

aNearShore Partner LLC is Headquartered in Silicon Valley California in close proximity to many of the worlds largest technology firms. Not surprisingly several of our largest clients are in California where it has become increasingly difficult to find and attract top talent due to the high level of competition by tech firms.


Many of aNearShore Partner's technical consultants are located within Argentina and the neighboring country of Uruguay. The citizens of these two countries are among the most technically educated in South America. The quality of many of these developers is as high or higher than the best you can typically hire in Silicon Valley since the best developers in Silicon Valley are often only available to the largest and highest paying companies. Our consultants in Argentina are primarily located in the cities of Rosario and Buenos Aires.


Why Uruguay? We go where the technical talent is! Beginning in 2007 the government of Uruguay began project OLpC or One Laptop per Child. Under OLpC, the government actively encouraged computer literacy by providing each child in the country with their own computer and software at an early age. While at the time critics complained about the expense, 15 years later, the amazing impact and positive return is undeniable! Uruguay now has some of the most technically skilled citizens in South America with software developers that, some might argue, are among the best in the world. It is a shame the country isn’t larger.


It is easy to think of our neighbor to the South in terms of their pristine white sand beaches and their major vacation resorts while not thinking about the technical infrastructure that runs the large hotels and businesses. Few ever think about the software that powers the major industry that moved over the border following the signing of NAFTA in the 90s. With the growth in industrialization, an equal surge in software technical skill developed in the country. Today, Mexico has a fertile and rapidly expanding software developer base willing to work US hours.